Clean It Right Certified Businesses


✦  Who should take the training?

All of the employees or contracted cleaning companies that clean your business.

For hotels or motels, that could be the housekeeping department. For restaurants and retail businesses, it could be contracted cleaners. It could even be the owner/operator.

It is recommended that those who are traditionally "non-cleaning" staff also take the program.

✦  How long is the Clean It Right certificate valid?

The program completion date will be on the certificate. There is no expiration date.

✦  How can I complete the Clean It Right training program?

The Clean It Right program can be taken on-line or self-study (take home) module and test.

MTEC will also deliver the training program at their training centre in Winnipeg, or throughout the province via Zoom.

✦  How does my business get the Clean It Right window decal?

Once all of your cleaning staff or contractors have completed the training program, your business will receive a Clean It Right decal which can be displayed on your front door or window.

✦  What is the purpose of the Clean It Right decal?

The decal shows that your business has made the commitment to providing a clean and safe environment for customers and employees.

✦  Does the decal expire?

No, the decal does not expire. The year that you received the decal is displayed on the decal, but no expiry date.

✦  My business has more than one entrance. Can I get additional decals for my business?

Yes. Just request additional decals from the MTEC Coordinator.

✦  Can I use the Clean It Right logo in my marketing programs and/or materials?

Yes. Showing potential customers that your business is Clean It Right certified, will give your business a competitive edge.