Clean It Right Certified Businesses

About Clean It Right for Retail Businesses

The goal of the Clean It Right training program is to increase the safety of guests, visitors and workforce in the Tourism, Hospitality and Retail industry. This training will help people who work in the industry understand the significance of following the cleaning and disinfection procedures of their business by adjusting current practices.

The purpose of Clean It Right is not to replace the existing business's cleaning standards of practice; but to enhance it.

Clean It Right for retail businesses focuses on enhancing proper cleaning and sanitization procedures specific to this industry including, fitting room areas, checkout stations, restrooms and additional areas. Retail businesses vary from clothing stores, to bookstores to travel agencies and hair salons. Not all of the training provided will apply to all of these businesses, but all of these businesses can benefit from the training.

Included in this program you will also find two special sections:

  1. A section for retail businesses who may also have a food service establishment within their store.
  2. A supplement for fitness facilities and gyms.

The Clean It Right program is FREE for Manitoba tourism, hospitality and retail businesses.

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